Welcome to lagoonamusic.com!

This is the official website for the Swedish band Lagoona. The band itself was put to rest more than a decade ago, but the music is still alive thanks to the power of the Internet. This site was created as a resource for anyone interested in the band or the music. The plan for this site is to make all our released songs available, including remixes and recorded live performances. So far, we only have the CD albums online, but the rest of the collection will be added within the next couple of weeks and months.

We will also add photos, remixkits, old gig reports, background stories for each album (and some of the individual songs) and other useless trivia. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or general feedback! You can get in touch through our Facebook page or by e-mail: av@lagoonamusic.com.

Listen to all the albums gathered in a single Spotify playlist:

Album releases

Magic Melodies

Release year: 2000.
14 songs. Read more »

The Journey

Release year: 2000.
9 songs. Read more »


Release year: 2002.
14 songs. Read more »