Remix kits for Lagoona songs

Lagoona started as a tracker crew, where songs were often made based on samples tanken from other artists songs. Thanks to the way tracker music works, we could see the actual song structure and analyze how the songs were made. This was how we learned how to make music – by looking at how others had made their songs and then trying to use similar techniques to make our own songs sound better. When we made the move from tracker music into a professional hardware studio and MIDI sequencing, that ability was lost. But in the same “study, learn, improve” spirit, we are sharing our collection of remix kits for our own songs. The quality of the kits varies, some have lots of samples while others just have a few sounds. If you want to make a remix of a Lagoona song, feel free to do so! And feel free to release it as well, as long as you give us credit as the original authors.

And also: We would love to release your remix here, so please get in touch. We have an archive with 30+ great remixes that we will upload soon, including some amazing ones by artists like Aura, SatCom101 and Kaveh Azizi. Stay tuned, and until then, here are the remixkits (which include the acapellas for “Into my dream” and “Always in my heart” among other things):

Download the Lagoona remix kits (291 Mb through .torrent)

(Remix archive will be published soon!)